English Scones

I decided that it was time for some wholesome scones. After all, we have been having cakes for weeks, thanks to the festivals and birthdays around this time of the year. In addition, I’ve been rather busy planning ouryear-end holidays, and after deliberating on three different continets (yes, not countries but rather continents), I’ve reached the decision that Australia it’s going to be. Our original choice was Europe (Paris and London) but the thought of handling two children in freezing winter made me decide otherwise. Then, Z, my teenage niece, wanted to visit Harry Potter World so we mulled over Florida. However, the thought of flying across the globe for one city did not appeal too much to my sensibilities. I could visit New York and some Eastern cities along with Florida if it was during the summer months but in winter, I dare not face the weather.

Hence, after eliminating the continents of America and Europe, we have settled on Australia. This particular country, as you know, has summer when the rest of the world is freezing and vice-versa, so it is the perfect choice. You know, talking about the UK and Australia, I always think of beautiful tea settings with dainty sandwiches, rich tea in porcelain teacups and….scones!

Since it has been a rather long time since I have last baked up one of these, I thought it was timely. The preparation for this simple yet delectable tea-time favourite is quite basic. All you need is some self-raising flour, sugar, butter and milk. Rub the butter into the flour. Add some raisins if you desire. Dissolve the sugar into the milk and add this wet mixture to the dry and form into a dough. Shape into little rolls and bake. It doesn’t take me longer than 30 minutes to get these ready and everyone, and I mean everyone, loves them! Serve these wholesome tea-time treat with some whipped cream, home-made strawberry jam and butter. Delectable :)