Potato Gratin with Sausages and Mushrooms

It’s the eve of a public holiday, yup friends, for the uninitiated its Deepavali tomorrow! And no, just because I’m ethnically Indian does not mean that I celebrate Deepavali (or Diwali as it’s known in the Northern parts of India). Most people don’t really understand the difference between race and religion. I guess I don’t really blame them because its human nature to assume things based on our preconceived notions. Well, in any case, I would like to take this opportunity to wish all my Hindu friends and readers a very Happy Deepavali in advance! I shall try to eat as much muruku and cookies as I possibly can too, that would be my way of joining in the festivities, hehehe.

Okay so the day went by pretty normally until evening time when my 13 year old niece, Z, asked me to prepare dinner for her. Well, dinner was already prepared by my mum, and a jolly good dinner it was too: Mutton Biryani! Alas, my teenager will have nothing to do with meat, or even chicken with bones or bananas, or seafood or bread or…but I digress. So there you go, I had hardly anything in the fridge (read as hardly anything that Z would deem fit to be consumed) and I had the tall task of getting her dinner done in 30mins.

Hmmm, but then something ticked in my mind and a few minutes later I had a plateful of thinly sliced potatoes. I quickly poured some cream and milk in a bowl and mixed it up with a dash of black pepper and some salt. Then, all there was to be done was to defrost and cut up some sausages and slice some mushrooms. The layering ensued: I placed half the potato slices in the base of a casserole, added half the mushrooms and sausages and covered them with most of the cream mixture. Then I layered the remaining potatoes, mushrooms and sausages and added the last of the cream mixture. A generous handful of mozarella cheese on top and in the dish went into the oven. Oh, i had forgotten the dried parsley so halfway through the baking, I opened the hot oven and gingerly sprinkled some on top. Thankfully I did not burn my hand (which I always seem to do in such circumstances). Phew, dinner done and within 30 mins too!

Le Gratin