Swimming Pool Cake : Nutella Chiffon with Dark Choc-Nutella Ganache Filling

My litle girl turned all of four 2 days ago. I asked her over and over again what cake she would like for her birthday and her choice changed from day to day. She started out by asking for a castle cake (which I had made for her cousin last year), then changed her mind to a mermaid cake (whcih was the cake I made for her cousin 2 weeks ago) and finally settled on a swimming pool cake. Ofcourse, she also hesitated between a smurffette, princess and Dora cake too. As to the flavours inside, she was undecided till the very last moment. Strawberry or Chocolate? I practically took out the strawberry emulco and put it back a few times while she hesitated from one to the other. Finally she decided on chocolate. So back went the emulco into the drawer and out came the jar of nutella. Yeah, I figured that we should do a nutella cake for variety instead of the usual chocolate.

We decided on a nutella chiffon cake with a dark chocolate-nutella ganache filling and a fresh whipped cream frosting (ok I admit, I did most of that decision-making, but mainly in an effort to speed things up). I knew for a fact that she would love those flavours.