Salut mes amis,

Je suis une femme and I am a Singaporean. Well I was born in northern India (where much of my roots still are) but have been brought up and am still living in Singapore. I am married with an almost four year old girl who keeps me busy all day. Frankly, other than baking, my life is more or less consumed by this little princess. She’s a darling really but oh so naughty. Since the day she was born, my whole life just changed focus. All attention, time and energy suddenly got directed towards this sweet little precious baby who cried like none that I’ve encountered before. For 3 whole months it continued..the crying I mean.

Well, more on my princess later on. For now, I would like to welcome you to my world of cakes, puddings and pies. Im a self confessed addict..a baking addict that is. Hardly a day goes by without me cranking up the oven, pulling out my mixer and whisking together something yummylicious. I dont know but I’ve been mad about cakes ever since i can remember. But recently it has become almost an obsession. The whole process of baking them, decorating them, photographing them..and then savouring them..What a lovely little hobby, wouldn’t you say?

I figured the natural next step should be to open up my world to all you cake-a-holics out there who are just like me. So then was born this blog of mine: gateaux and cakes! A site dedicated to all dessert lovers because as much as I love cakes, I do love many other desserts too. Thus I shall include various different types of desserts on this site.

The cake-a-holic:)

Les MacaronsIce Cream

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