Basic Piping Techniques

While an unadorned cake is perfect with a cup of tea, there are occasions when a more dressed up cake is required. Frosting a cake is not as difficult as it seems and the end results can be quite stunning, to say the least.

Frosting a cupcake

There are various methods of frosting your favorite fairy cake.

First of all, you can simply spoon a dollop of frosting on to the centre of the cake and then, using a small spatula or any flat bladed knife, slowly flatten the little mound by pushing the frosting outwards in a circular motion such that the top of the cupcake is covered in an even layer of frosting.



Another method will be to create a swirl effect by piping frosting using the Witon 1M tip, or any large open-star tip. This method of piping is by far the most commonly used by cupcake decorators. To create the swirl, simply hold the piping bag filled with frosting approximately 0.5cm above the cupcake at a 90degree angle. Gently squeeze the piping bag while rotating it in a circular motion and pipe a spiral around the edge of the cupcake, moving inwards as you reach the end of the spiral. Release pressure and stop squeezing the piping bag. You can stop here and you will have a swirl of frosting as in the picture on the left. However, you can continue to pipe another, smaller spiral on the top to cover any gaps in the centre of the cupcake. You professional looking cupcake is ready to be served.

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