Salmon and Asparagus Quiche; Rich Pear Cake

Having been inspired by my little trip to the House of Anli yesterday, and their beautiful demonstration of some delicious dishes, I decided to bake up my version of the very same items. Well, I could have done the exact same thing but I decided that changing some of the ingredients to suit my finicky family’s taste buds would be best. So, I settled on a fresh salmon and asparagus quiche instead of the quiche Lorraine we had been treated to the previous day.

Taking all opportunities to add in some vegetables to up the health quotient, I added some sliced capsicums and tomatoes along with the fresh baby asparagus. I began with a simple pie/quiche crust which I blind baked and left to cool. Meanwhile, I sautéed some sliced leeks, to which I added the baby asparagus. When the asparagus turned a bright green, I took it off the stove and let it cool. The salmon, which I had sprinkled with some dill, salt and pepper and steam-baked separately, was then broken up into pieces and added to the pie crust. In, also, went the mixture of asparagus and leek, along with a good handful of shredded parmesan cheese. Separately, I broke 3 eggs into a bowl and added some milk, cream and seasoning to it and mixed it well. This mixture also went into the pie crust. The final touch was a lovely arrangement of sliced green bell peppers and tomatoes on the top. The quiche was ready to be baked and 30mins later, the mouth-wateringly delicious smell of cheese, crust and salmon permeated the air. Dinner was ready!

Dessert, however, was yet to be prepared. Again, having been influenced by the previous day’s demo, it had to be a pear cake. However, since I had some fresh pears that were perfectly ripe on hand, I decided to use these instead of the canned ones recommended. After having peeled and quartered four pears, I added 3 tablespoons of brown sugar and lemon juice from half a lemon and poached them till tender. I whipped up the cake batter (which consisted of creaming/beating 240g butter and 200g sugar till pale and creamy, adding 4 eggs and a teaspoon of vanilla essence, and finally folding in 250g plain flour and 26g baking powder) and arranged the slices of cooled pears on the very top and baked them at 170deg C till golden (approximately 50mins).Voila, dessert was ready. All that was left to do was to tuck in. Bon appetite! 

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