Princess and a Prince

It’s been almost two and a half years since I last blogged but it sure feels good to be back! All I can say is how time flies! I’ve been very busy with my 2 children, every waking moment spent caring for them and their million and one demands.

For those of you who used to follow my blog, you would know about my little princess. Well, she isn’t all that little anymore. In fact, she has started primary 1 this year so you can imagine, she has done some growing alright!

Well, I also have a prince now who is just about 21 months old. Now, if managing my princess was a challenge, then managing my little boy is, well, nothing short of a chaotic mess. Really, I mean it. He listens only when he wants to, does anything that pleases him and basically lives his life on his own terms. Oh, if I haven’t tried to reign him in, God knows how I’ve tried. But I’ve come to accept that he’s just that way. And, horror of horrors, I am beginning to find it quite adorable!

So that’s all the update for now but I will be posting more on my baking adventures very soon so keep a look out and till then, take care!

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