Chocolate Yoghurt Cupcakes

It’s quite amazing that you can use the same recipe, tweak it just a little and come up with something absolutely new. Yes folks, I’m talking about my chocolate yoghurt cake. This was the last of the four cupcakes I baked up for Eid al Adha last Sunday (I have already written about the other three in greater depth in my previous blogs).

No occasion or celebration is complete without some chocolatey goodness, don’t you agree? I’m a real chocolate lover, if you haven’t figured that out already and it’s difficult for me to ever get past a buffet dessert corner without sampling each and every one of their chocolate creations.

Which brings me back to my chocolate yoghurt cake. This cake, however, is suitable even for those people who don’t fancy chocolate that much (I wonder, do such really people exist?) because the flavor is subdued. That is due to the use of dark eating chocolate and minimal cocoa powder. If you prefer a stronger chocolate taste, feel free to increase the quantity of cocoa powder and reduce the quantity of self raising flour by the same amount. I opted for the milder flavour to cater to the taste of my guests.

The recipe as well as method for this cake is the same as the one for the almond cupcakes in my previous blog. The only difference is to include about a 100g of melted dark chocolate in the wet ingredients along with the butter, yoghurt, milk and teaspoon of vanilla essence. To the dry ingredients, add about 3 tablespoons of cocoa powder while eliminating the ground almond from it. Voila, that’s it, simple as anything. Just two bowls needed and some mixing required and you’ve got yourself some yummy goodness. All that’s left to do is round up a few close friends and enjoy, Bon Apetit!

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