Princess and a Prince

It’s been almost two and a half years since I last blogged but it sure feels good to be back! All I can say is how time flies! I’ve been very busy with my 2 children, every waking moment spent caring for them and their million and one demands.

For those of you who used to follow my blog, you would know about my little princess. Well, she isn’t all that little anymore. In fact, she has started primary 1 this year so you can imagine, she has done some growing alright!

Well, I also have a prince now who is just about 21 months old. Now, if managing my princess was a challenge, then managing my little boy is, well, nothing short of a chaotic mess. Really, I mean it. He listens only when he wants to, does anything that pleases him and basically lives his life on his own terms. Oh, if I haven’t tried to reign him in, God knows how I’ve tried. But I’ve come to accept that he’s just that way. And, horror of horrors, I am beginning to find it quite adorable!

So that’s all the update for now but I will be posting more on my baking adventures very soon so keep a look out and till then, take care!


It was great that it didn’t rain today. Nevertheless, it was a real surprise because the odds were that it would rain, gauging from the weather conditions in the last few weeks. It was cloudy and a little grey which suited me perfectly because it meant that we would be spared from the heat-stroke from the scorching sun. It’s interesting that despite the fact that we have just two different weather conditions, i.e. hot sun (sunny) or rain, we still spend so much time discussing and complaining about it. Oh well, we used to be a British colony after all.

In any case, the favourable weather condition also meant that there was a smooth stream of visitors the whole morning. Relatives and friends came visiting after the obligatory morning Eid prayers at the mosque. Well, obligaory for the males while females have a choice. Actually, females are not required to offer this prayer at all but they certainly can if they so desire.

The best part of the day must really have been the eating. All the traditional goodies that I had my eyes on the whole week like Gulab Jamuns, and Saywain (sweet wholewheat vermicelli in syrup) and savoury snacks such as samosas and vadais were sumptous. Then there were a myriad type of curries ranging from chilli chicken to mutton korma, and naan (a type of flat bread) and pillao (fragrant basmati rice with dried fruits and nuts). So you get the drift, a lot of eating and then some more, the whole day through. I am, at this moment, thoroughly stuffed and I do not really feel like seeing another samosa..but then again, maybe I could squeeze in just another little dessert :)

Diwali/Deepavali Festival

It’s the day after the Diwali function for which I had prepared the Citrus Yoghurt Cake mentioned in the previous blog. You must be waiting for the updates on how the cakes were received, right? Okay,even if you aren’t, I’m still dying to share. I’m thrilled to let you know that all the slices were gone in 15 minutes flat, so now you have proof that the recipe should be fine to try out :)

The function itself was one of the best that I have attended so far at the princess’ Montessori. The children (aged from 3 to 6) put up a little sketch, acting out the epic Ramayana. If you know the story, you will also know that this was a tall task for these young talents, but they rose to the occasion and put up a splendid performance. Bravo kids! In addition to this, there was also a dance number for which I had been waiting for all evening. Well, you see, my little princess was to be part of this dance. I had inititally thought that she would be one of the back-up dancers given her age but I was in for a pleasant surprise. She was part of the main group, dancing along with six other children and my chest just swelled with pride at the sight of my little baby dancing in perfect syncrony with her friends. I must have looked like a cheshire cat because the smile on my face extended from one ear to the other thoughout the whole performance. The pride I felt at that point in time was so evident on my face that it was almost embarrasing. It was my little baby up there, and frankly I still find it unbelievable that she was capable of those moves.

I guess it’s just the beginning and I will get used to it soon enough, but meanwhile allow me to behave like an imbecile who can’t seem to wipe out the smile from her face :)

Sunday at Vivo

We had a a fun day at Vivo today and despite the initial protests by the two darlings, everyone managed to have an enjoyable day. We loved our stroll along the bridge connecting Vivo to Sentosa island. The gentle evening breeze, the twinkling fairy lights embedded in the wooden flooring, the festive lighting on the swaying plants and trees and the sight of the cable cars moving gently from one end to the other over the horizon, the atmosphere was quite simply fabulous.







The Party

In today’s world, it’s all about the fastest, the tallest, the greatest, the smartest, the most cutting edge, the coolest…well, basically The Best. Our minds, and spirits even, have been conditioned to think and to accept that success is based on results. Yes, the talented have it easy, they are more or less gifted in a certain area and all they require is some guidance and a nudge in the right direction to excel. Ofcourse I’m not saying that they don’t have to put in hard work. They do, but usually very much less than an average individual. What about people who are less talented then? There are many talented people who are passionate about what they do. However, what about that group of people who are average in a normal sense but are bursting with a passion for what they do? Despite their great passion, they might not succeed in life, not in the sense of those born with talent. Should we then categorize this group as less successful? Passion versus Talent? So whats the verdict? Something to ponder on.

Meanwhile, the Halloween party at the princess’ school was a huge success. Being the nosey parent that I am, I had signed on as a volunteer at the school. Well, in my defence i have to say that there are very few instances when I get to see my princess in action and when an opportunity comes by, I don’t let it slip by me. So there, I had the task, along with another parent (who has become a firm friend), of conducting the game of musical statues. We went from class to class and during that 2 hours I didn’t get to hear my voice. One loud me against 25 three to six year olds. Who do you think was louder? Yeah of course me….as if. Somehow I managed to shout/scream/explain the rules of the game and got the kids dancing. Then there was the task of pacifying those kids who weren’t happy that they were out of the game. The solution: stamps and stickers for these little ones. Nicely done, *pat on my back* :). Well otherwise, everything went very well. Oh, the princess did try to manipulate me into staying in her classroom and not leave by crying buckets at the end of the game but mummy was not tricked. Mummy 1, Princess 0. Oh, forgot to take the heartache into consideration. Adjusted score: Mummy 1, Princess 10. But was I gonna let her know that?


Sunday at the Beach

It was sunday again, and I had made plans for the family outing. It would be Vivocity, mainly because I had run out of options and I had been there only once before so it was basically a place that I didn’t mind visiting. I am not a shopping-obsessed individual, its just that malls tend to be air conditioned, which is a BIG plus in our tropical climate. So there you go. Well, it was supposed to go that way except while were in the car, my little princess proclaimed to S that she wanted to go to the beach. S looked at me and said, ‘So the beach it is?’ I told him about my plan for VC and he gave me that ‘mall again???’ look and said that we will go the beach as suggested by the princess. I was not keen on the beach at all so I continued to persuade S and we finally settled on Orchard since it was just a 5 minutes drive from our home (thats how men function: If its convenient, its ok). On the way there, I glanced at the princess’ face and looked at her shiny eyes. The poor child had tears in her eyes but still compromised by saying, ‘Its ok mummy, but can we go to the beach later?’ That was enough, I told S to change directions and head to the beach. The open joy on her face was enough to nullify the fact that I would have to brave it out under the sun. Interestingly enough, the outing was enjoyable. We rented one of those quadcycle things where the whole family can sit and cycle together and it was fun, somewhat tiring but still fun. After having used up most of our energy, we rolled out our mat under a shady tree and rested our tired legs while our tireless little girl had her fun on the sand. Not a bad day at all, we came back tired but happy. Another successful family outing.