Citrus Yoghurt Cake

I’ve been meaning to bake a citrus cake for some time now but somehow I’ve put it off till today. There’s a deepavali celebration at the princess’ Montessori this evening and we’ve already made arrangements to bring samosas and vadais to the function. However, I just cannot Not bring something sweet along too. I mean, whats a celebration without desserts, right? I admit I’m quite sure some of the other parents might be bringing some dessert or other but I just cannot resist the temptation to bake something. So given the opportunity to feed a whole load of kids, I decided on something that’s equal parts healthy and yummy: Citrus Yoghurt Cake. If you have been reading my posts, you might have realised that many of my cake recipes include yoghurt. I find that yoghurt, when added to just about any recipe, results in a flavour and creaminess that’s just irresistible. So there you go, I’ve just let you on in my little secret, and we will keep it just between us ;)

For ease of serving, I’ve baked up the cakes in loaf pans but ofcourse you are free to bake it in any type of pan that you have available. Start off by using your favourite butter cake recipe, or the vanilla cake recipe that I have provided. Omit the vanilla or any other essence asked for in your recipe and replace it with about 2 teaspoons of grated mixed lemon, orange and lime rinds. Follow the method of preparation as per recipe but add in about 3 tablespoons of yoghurt when adding in the milk/liquid.

Bake as per normal and enjoy the gloriously intoxicating aroma that is but a precursor to the tantalizingly rich yet fluffy, buttery yet tangy and moist cake that is to be yours to savour.